Charmeuse silk robe

Charmeuse silk robe

Charmeuse silk robe

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Beautiful robe made of lightweight Ivory charmeuse silk satin. 

  • Model is wearing a size S
  • Non certified Organic silk
  • Loose fit 

We use our standard sizes but if you want to provide your own sizes please send us an email:


Produced on small family farms, the silk is cultivated using techniques consistent with Organic Cultivation Standards. 100% natural, it means that no additives, bleaches or finishes have been used - better for people and planet. For the silkworms, organic standards mean that they are fed mulberry leaves that have been organically cultivated, but being silk, the worms are still killed in order to allow the extrusion of the silk filament.


Silk is biodegradable (in the right anaerobic conditions) so at the end of its life can be composted. Silk is also an incredibly strong fibre that will last for a very long time anyway, so along with non-certified organic cultivation and processing, this fabric is beneficial to the land before and after its production.


We recommend that you dry clean or hand wash this fabric. Use a mild detergent, or even none at all to keep it fresh and light throughout its life. Machine wash on a gentle cycle, with mild soap and warm water. Tumble dry on low heat, though we recommend air drying to ensure longer lasting items. You can also iron dry from a barely-damp state, which can also help with creasing though a cloth over the top will keep the satin sheen for longer. Never use bleach.